Recent trend of Global slowdown resulting a surge in the studies related to growth and development research especially keeping India and China in mind. More emphasis has been laid upon the issues related to sustainability.

Currently I am heading the Center for Sustainable Development as a Professor-in-charge. The center is dealing with various sustainability issues, however as an economist with interest in Technology, Trade and Development I continue to work on the issues related to information and communication technology (ICT), International Trade.


  • Economics of Technology
  • Development Economics
  • International Trade
  • Applied Econometrics

Laboratory Personel

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Research Projects

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

    Very short description of the project.

    Absence of unifying definition of internet of things did not deterrent it to have a common vision of “anytime, any place” connectivity for all things. However, complexity of the system realization forced many to give special considerations on it various aspects such as security, privacy, and safety.

    In doing so many micro aspects are being left aside. This project emphasizes microeconomics aspects of Internet of things.



  • Digital Divide

    Digital Divide

    Very short description of the project.

    Since the advent of internet issues emphasis has been given to the research related to digital divide. In modern era, while a majority of the people are either connected through mobile, wi fi or through landline issues related to digital divide still persists.

    In this project we are working the issues related to digital gap